Trinity College

Trinity College in Hartford shares with many other small liberal arts colleges the opportunities of living and learning in an intense intellectual community. But it distinguishes itself through several unique possibilities for students. Like, for example,…

The Community Learning Initiative, a nationally recognized program integrating service learning into the liberal arts. Hartford is a state capitol, a center of the arts and commerce, a multi-ethnic mosaic, and a city facing the challenges endemic to American urban centers. Our urban context creates extraordinary opportunities for students to take their learning to the streets. About forty courses a year drawn from every department now include community learning projects. Students love the integration of theory with the real world, and they appreciate the chance to make a difference.

Also take a look at…

TheĀ Human Rights Program

The First Year Program

The Neuroscience Program and Philosophy Department

…and many other interesting academic programs.

You can also take a virtual tour of the campus.

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