My hopes for Ed 300

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In Ed 300, I hope to learn how past education policy and culture has informed our modern educational structure.  I would also like to utilize this learning to put current ed policies and practices in context.  I also hope to learn valuable research methods (particularly how to include technology resources) to assist in my coursework as a potential Ed Studies major.

2 thoughts on “My hopes for Ed 300”

  1. Looking forward to learning with you this semester, and given your experience as a Student Technology Associate, will be interested to hear your perspective on the technology and higher ed reform unit. By the way, have you seen this “Where’s the Classroom” discussion group on MOOCs and other digital classes? It’s open to students, staff, and faculty — with an easy-to-complete application due Feb 1st.

  2. Jack,
    I’m really looking forward to the unit on technology and higher ed. I’ve been asking myself how the availability of these courses will impact traditional higher ed structures. I was not aware of the Trinity’s discussion group on MOOCs; thank you for sharing. Although I don’t have room in my schedule to sample a MOOC, I’ll be sure to sit on a discussion. Thanks for the response.

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