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Within this course, I first hope to learn about the history and current state of Education policies and reforms. I would like to see how policies have changed schools that I work and volunteer at as well as at the schools I attended. I look forward to watching documentaries about the current state of the education system and read about the history. My learning goal is to become better equipped to become involved in the education system.

Beyond the basic knowledge, I hope to gain skills to be a better writer and researcher. Whether looking at archives and books or searching sources online, I need help improving my skills of digging deeper. With my writing, I hope to be able to create stronger theses and clearer transitions.

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Nicole Sagullo

Nicole Sagullo is in her third year at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. She studies Education and Psychology with a minor in music. She has done research in the Psychology Department at Trinity as well as at the School of Education at Boston University.

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  1. Good to be working with you again this semester, and I appreciate how you framed one of your goals as becoming “better equipped to become involved.” Some reformers believe that what schooling does best is build our capacity to make meaningful change, which sounds somewhat indirect, but also has the potential for longer-term outcomes.

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