Credit to negate the “all/none of these responses” reading quiz questions

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Dear Ed 300 students,

Two of your classmates emailed me to raise their concerns about the “all/none of these responses” wording in this past weekend’s reading quiz on the Patterson book. The two students wrote me about two different quiz questions. I carefully reviewed everyone’s quiz responses (since Moodle tracks everything you submit) and found that no one made the same errors as the two individuals who wrote me. Furthermore, at least half of the students who received these specific questions answered them correctly on the first try. Therefore, I am not persuaded that any specific questions were faulty.

However, upon further reflection, I agree that the *spirit* of this week’s questions, particularly the extra difficulty raised by the “all/none of these responses” did not live up to my own expectations for a good interpretive reading question. My goal is to make sure you grasp the key principles of the reading, not to trip you up with tricky wording.

Therefore, for everyone who attempted the Patterson reading quiz, I have awarded extra credit of 0.67 points toward your final score, which now appears on Moodle. This credit negates the impact of two mistaken responses on your quiz. In other words, if you initially received a 2.33 score, the extra credit effectively raises it to a 3.00 score.

Keep up the good work and see you in class this evening.