Dagoberto Jr. Nunez

Dagoberto Nunez

My name is Dagoberto Junior Nunez Nieto, but people usually call me “Dago” for short because most of the time no one can pronounce my name correctly or it is too long for people to say. I was born and partly raised in Barranquilla, Colombia where I lived the first 10 years of my life before my parents decided for my siblings and I to come to America, the land of dreams, to escape the dangerous streets of Colombia and be able to come to America to focus on our education and work towards our American Dream. This American Dream is one that is pushed on us by our elders to be able to accomplish all of the things that they never did like finishing going to school, live a happy life, escape poverty and become rich through our education and then be able to provide for our family. This is the reason why my family and I migrated to this country because America is the only place where these dreams can turn into reality. I’ve lived in this country for 8 years now and my eyes are still on the prize, always looking to outwork everyone to make sure I can accomplish these dreams.