Objectives of the course


  1. Cultivate intellectual curiosity.
  2. Introduce academic habits of mind.
  3. Encourage critical reading and analysis.
  4. Use writing as a mode of learning.
  5. Develop essential skills in research and documentation.
  6. Foster the capacity to communicate effectively and collaboratively.
Photo taken by students of HISP 280 (2009)


  1. Critically analyze the Hispanic experience in the United States of America through related readings, direct observation and interaction with the community.
  2. Recognize and analyze the distinct national groups that make up the Hispanic community in Hartford.
  3. Analyze the social, political and economical reality of the Hispanic community in Hartford as a microcosm of the United States of America.
  4. Distinguish the contributions made by the Hispanic community to the city of Hartford and the United States of America.
  5. Familiarize students with online tools for research and collaboration.