Arts studentsThe Library is expanding its resources for our maker-minded students. Creativity is a wonderful way to express ideas and de-stress, and we want to provide the space, how-to, and supplies for you to make something new!

The new library of arts & crafts supplies in the RLITC was inspired by Trinity’s Nest Artists and funded in part by a grant from the Wikimedia foundation on behalf of Art+Feminism. It includes a variety of materials for you to borrow or keep, such as paints, papers, brushes, easels, paint by number kits, hot glue gun, sewing machine, yarn, knitting needles, and more.

The arts & crafts library is located in room 134, RLITC Level 1, Center for Educational Technology, and is accessible 24 hours with your student ID.

Nearby on Level 1 right outside the Blume center, there is a new Creative Technology book collection! Here you will find a range of books to provide inspiration on podcasting, paper crafts, sewing, writing, and more. All books can be borrowed for 28 days.

Finally, if you are looking for a crochet or knitting group, bring your current work-in-progress Fridays from 3 – 5pm in RLITC Room 181.  You and your student colleagues can unwind, listen to music, work on your projects, and plan your weekend! Need Lessons? Contact Amy Harrell ahead of time and we’ll make sure you learn the skills you need.