Dec 5 notes for class

Just did Gestalt psychology

Woodworth paper gives nice transition to “modern” times, meaning my actual experience

Notice the 2 Moodle papers on Trinity College history.  Second is on Ed Reed, an important Trinity graduate

Cognitive revolution  (from what?)    Baars chapters

       I.  Piaget

       II.  Chomsky   — role of review of Skinner;  revived nativism, Descartes, and faculty psychology;  rationalism.  See Fodor obit link on syllabus for today

      III.   Computers and cognitive psychology —  machines, but supposedly thinking;   ultimately, surprising — brought back associationism

               Cognitive therapy, as opposed to behavioral therapy (ABA)

               Ulric Neisser as the “father” of cognitive psychology

       IV.  Neuroscience   (symptoms of influence — adjectives.   Thus, Cognitive neuroscience, social neuroscience. . .)

       V.  Ecological Science  

                  Extreme —   see Maurici Felip Lopez about 17 minutes in