Japanese at Clark 1909

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As for the conference held at Clark in 1909, there were two Japanese students.

One of their names under the photo was slightly different, somehow.

KANDA, SAKYO was interested in English for the first time, but he got M.A. under G. S. Hall in June, 1909.  After that he became a biologist and got Ph.D. in 1915. He seemed to be between animal psychologist and biologist, and also interested inpsychoanalysis.  He wrote a brief paper in Japanese about an application of psychoanalysis to old Japanese myth.  His name disappeared from Japanese psychology after1930s. He died in July, 1939, at age of 65.

KAKISE, HIKOZO was more like genuine psychologist.  He graduated from Tokyo Imperial University (the former name of Tokyo University), and went abroad for studying psychology under G. S. Hall in 1907.  He got his Ph.D. at Clark in 1911,about a study of understanding.  After coming back to Japan in 1911, he made a brief report about the contemporary American psychology, including association experiment of C. G. Jung.  He then became an officer at Ministry of Education, and also retired from Japanese psychology scene. He died around 1944.

It’s actually a very good example to see how the history of psychology in Japan stands.  The photo of Clark conference is well-known and people might find two Asian standing behind Freud, Jung and others.  But very few know who they are.

Also both of them were standing a bit away from the mainstream, their names didn’t remain in the general textbooks or dictionaries.  Sad things, which I and my colleagues would like to change…

For Japanese psychologists, it is good to know, that the first comprehensive dictionary of Japanese psychologists will be published soon.  Both two might be found there.

I hope these tiny pieces of information would be enough for you.


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