Wundt Highlight notes

                                 Highlights of Wundt

Founded experimental (physiological) psychology by brute force, quantity and breadth of work in the academic enterprise – experimentation from physiology, lab, students from all of the world, journal, books.

Kant and Herbart said that science required math and psychology of consciousness had no math

Background with Johannes Müller, then Helmholtz – experimental physiology. Helmholtz theory of color vision – 3 color.   Elements. Like periodic table.

Fechner and RT’s brought mathematizing, quantification, and experiment possibilities

Analytic introspectionism associated with Wundt – illustrate with Helmholtz, Seurat

ALL colors of rainbow from 3 basic colors, embodied in computer.

Reaction time – from astronomer’s personal equation, then Donders (Dutch)

Subtractive procedure to get time of higher processes

  1. Reflex                                                 Inherited
  2. Automatic reaction (learned)     Voluntary impulse
  3. Simple muscular reaction            
  4. Simple sensorial reaction
  5. Cognition reaction                         Many stimuli, one reaction
  6. Association reaction                     Many stimuli, reaction with association
  7. Judgment reaction                         Many associations, followed by judgments

Külpe criticized this elementism and moved ideas toward Gestalt