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  1. I think your finding that support from friends leads to greater substance use is really important and telling of how much we value others opinions about our actions.

  2. How did you decide on using social norms, group norms, and friend influence as your 3 variables?

  3. I enjoyed reading your thesis about actual vs. perceived substance abuse in college students. I found this topic very relevant. I liked how you chose to include Group Norms and Friend influence. Nice work!

  4. I found your thesis topic really interesting, especially your findings regarding friend influence on how if one’s close friends approve of a substance, one is more likely to partake and justify participating in that substance. I think this is something that is prevalent on many college campuses because younger people are constantly motivated by their friends and paying attention to what their peers think. Great job!

  5. I think acknowledging the perception of drug and alcohol use is a very important topic to address in the conversation of substance use. Peers and fellow classmates being aware of just how common substance use is/can be is an important way to not only encourage students to be more vigilant about their friends, but can also be a great initiator of conversation on the matter. Great job!

  6. I found your thesis to be one of the most relevant/important topics to be discussed. Substance use is very apparent on all college campuses and your data reflects how certain influences can impact individuals differently.

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