Paul Mounds, Jr. ’07

By James Sargent

PaulMounds038Paul Mounds, Jr. ’07 spends every day giving back, professionally and in several volunteer capacities. Starting with his years as a student at Trinity, Mounds has built his career and his life around service: to his community, his state, and his alma mater.

“My family has always considered Trinity College the pinnacle when it comes to academic achievement,” says Mounds. “So my choice to attend Trinity wasn’t just about myself but for my family as a whole. I try to serve as an example for my younger relatives, about what they can achieve.”

Mounds was born in Hartford and grew up in East Hartford. His parents taught him to engage in his community and to be an informed citizen. When he was young, Mounds watched Town Council and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings so he could understand the issues facing his community.

When he arrived on campus in the fall of 2003, Mounds knew he wanted to pursue public service. His time at Trinity helped him along that path. He credits his experience with the Legislative Internship Program and his advisers: Stefanie Chambers, associate professor of political science, and Diana Evans, professor of political science.

“They were two professors who meant a lot to me, and still do to this day,” he says.

As a student, Mounds thought his ultimate goal was to work for a state legislator or member of Congress. But after graduating, he found that he outpaced his expectations. His first job out of college was for Congressman John B. Larson of Connecticut. He then worked for U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal. Today, he serves as the director of government relations for Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy.

Just like in his career, he didn’t wait long to get involved at Trinity. Mounds started volunteering on day one: organizing lectures, engaging with the campus community, and serving as a counselor for Dream Camp.

“[Dream Camp] was a fulfilling experience: to see kids who grew up in my neighborhood, for whom I would be able to serve as a mentor and as an example,” he says. “One of those kids went on to attend Trinity, which was one of the top moments for me.”

As a senior and varsity football player, Mounds won the Robert R. Bartlett Award for excellence in athletics and community service and earned All-Conference Second Team honors. Since graduating, Mounds has served on the National Alumni Association and the Reunion Committee for the Class of 2007 and has taken part in events with the football team to help student-athletes prepare for their careers after Trinity. Mounds served on the transition team for new Trinity president Joanne Berger-Sweeney and, as of July, is Trinity’s newest G. Keith Funston Trustee.

Of his election to the College’s Board of Trustees, he says, “To be serving with people like Cornie Thornburgh, Tom DiBenedetto, and Luther Terry is–for someone who was born in Hartford–probably the most fulfilling honor I could have as an alum and one that I don’t take lightly.

“I’m still that kid who was born in Hartford, but it was because of the people I met here and the experiences I had here that put me on this path for professional success,” he says. “This is my way of telling Trinity thank you.”