Now if you look at the registration packet you got from SLE, you’ll notice that you need a few other people in order to submit the registration packet, which brings us to the next step in registration: recruiting! You’ll need to submit a roster with your registration packet, and SLE encourages clubs to have at least 25 members. This means you’ll need to drum up support and interest in your club. Talk to everybody: friends, classmates, teammates, the guy behind you in the grill line at Mather, your barista at Peter B’s, we mean everybody. And when you find people who are interested, make sure to keep track of them for your roster.

Most importantly, you’ll need one of those people to serve as the club’s treasurer. This person will be responsible for managing the club’s finances, including making purchases, submitting reimbursements, and making requests of the budget committee. This is a very important role, so be sure to find somebody who’s up for the task. You can also add other members to your organization’s board should you feel so inclined, but it’s not required.

The one other important person you’ll need to recruit is your club’s advisor. This needs to be a full-time faculty or staff member, and to ensure the continued year-to-year success of the club, they should be highly interested in the club. Having experience related to the club’s activities is certainly a good thing as well. The advisor should be regularly involved with the club and in contact with the leaders about the group’s finances and operations. Additionally, they’ll need to ensure college policies are followed and that the students are aware of any changes to those┬ápolicies. Like the treasurer, the advisor is a crucial role and should be carefully selected.