Once you have a full roster, a completed Constitution, and the necessary signatures on the registration packet, you’ll submit these to SLE for review. SLE will review the materials to ensure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, that the club’s officers are at least half-time students in good academic standing, and that the advisor is an active faculty or staff member.

From there, SLE will pass the materials over to SGA. Once they’ve been able to look everything over, SGA will invite you to a meeting of the Senate for approval (Meetings are Sundays from 6-7). At this meeting, you’ll be asked to give a basic rundown of what your club will do, and SGA members will be able to ask questions about the club. After the meeting, SGA will vote to approve or deny the club, and inform you of their result. If approved, SGA will also determine your financial status from one of three possibilities:

  1. Fixed annual budget
  2. No budget, but able to apply for funding from Budget Committee
  3. Not permitted SGA funding (Note: SGA funds may not be donated to charity. As such, community service clubs may fall into this category. Contact SLE for more info with regard to community service clubs and funding)

Additionally, regardless of funding status, clubs may not receive funding from SGA for their first two semesters.