Women’s Mental Health, Racism, and Working in Mental Health Advocacy

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Mitzy Sky (formerly Corrine Taylor) shares her journey through writing, spoken-word-storytelling, and videography. She’s consciously unlearning messages that she unconsciously learned that hindered her from living wholeheartedly. She is a published author in the anthology Imagining Monsters. The Good Men Project, Mad in America, and The Inner-City News has published her work. She is the creator of the Beyond the Story© project and Blogger/Vlogger at MitzySky.com. She currently works at Advocacy Unlimited, in advocacy education, where she develops and facilitates the compassionate activism program.

Benita Toussaint is currently Chair of the Human Relations Commission for the City of Hartford and serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors of Connecticut Legal Rights Project, Inc. Previously, she served as Chair of Catchment Area 23, Co-Chair of the Behavioral Health Partnership Oversight Council of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, Board Member of NAMI Connecticut, and has been honored with several awards and recognitions, most recently from Scouting USA for her work supporting human rights.

Jennifer Henry is the Advocacy & Education Engagement Specialist at Advocacy Unlimited, Inc

Taylor C. Ford, MSW is the Statewide Youth & Family Coordinator at FAVOR Inc. and a member of Katal.

Lydia Velez- Herrera(Lilly) is President and CEO of Lilly sin Barreras/Lilly without Barriers LLC. After a brain injury and four long years of recovery. Lydia took on the mission to provide work shops trainings on her strategies to leave with her disability. She provides one on one advocacy for clients who can not afford a lawyer and do not qualify for Legal Services.
She established a radio station and TV show to provide information and interview guest who have remove barriers. Both channels are in English and Spanish.

Kathy Flaherty is the Executive Director at the Connecticut Legal Rights Project and is a lifelong Connecticut resident who has lived at the intersection of mental health and the law for 30 years.

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