Lessons in Educ 300: Education Reform, Past & Present

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As the spring semester begins, I am happy to have new learning opportunities. When I took Educ 200: Analyzing Schools last spring, I did not know that I would fall in love with the content of the course and discover my passion for education. Through this class, I hope to gain more knowledge on the education reform movements that have happened in the past and are currently happening to discover how I would like to make my mark in changing the education system. I am aware that in order to look forward to the future, I must look at the past. I look forward to the readings, videos, and class discussions to come.

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Victoria Smith Ellison

Victoria is a student at Trinity College in Hartford, CT majoring in Educational Studies.

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  1. Glad to be learning with you again this spring, and I hope that you continue to dig into the deeper questions about schooling, inequalities, and reform struggles.

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