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Something of great interest to me is my dog. My dog is an 8 year-old Wheaten terrier who loves to run around, play and snuggle at the end of the day. My little brother decided what our dog’s name would be eight years ago. He chose the name Brody which we now so lovingly call out. Wheaten terriers are mid-sized dogs with a wheat color coat. They are also known to be very excited when meeting new people, coined “the Wheaten Greeting'”. Brody licks and jumps and shows his affection to anyone who walks into our house.

I love my dog and I think he is great! 






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I have so many amazing children in my life! Between my five younger siblings and my friends at the Trinity College Child Care Center, here are all the things they love and adore.

Here is a picture of my mom and two of my brothers!


My favorite song to sing along to with my TC4 friends.


Looking forward to a great semester!

Practice Post about Dogs

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My name is India and my favorite animal is a yellow lab. If you don’t know what a yellow lab looks like, here is one:

This is a yellow lab.

When I’m not busy with school work or sports, I really enjoy watching cute videos of puppies.

I used to have a yellow lab when I was younger and her name was Millie, Unfortunately, she passed away when I was in eighth grade and she was 16 years old. I’m glad that she had such long and happy life and I think that when I’m living on my own, I will get my own yellow lab.