New ENVS Brochure Proves Beyond a Doubt: Our Students can Walk on Water!

After serving us well for the past ten years, our ENVS brochure received a major face lift this morning. Just in time for the major’s fair Christoph spent a couple of hours updating major and minor requirements and removing ancient faculty from our list of instructors. Along the way the brochure also got new student images, including the one shown below that proves without a doubt that our students can walk on water:
Danny Lofrese walks on water

The major’s fair was a full success: over twenty students came by to ask about the ENVS major and minor. Jon, Cameron and I spent an enjoyable lunch hour in the Washington Room answering questions, promoting the major, and stealing candy from the “formal organizations” table.

Cameron and Jon hard at workCameron and Jon hard at workYes, you may have noted that Cameron and Jon do most of the talking. They needed practice – and I didn’t want to embarrass them with my awesome German accent. :-).

Nevertheless: Cameron made out well with his delicious vegetarian sandwich from First and Last – a giant step up from his talk on Friday, where Elizabeth tried to poison him with ham.
a delicious veggie sandwichOh, yes, you can check out our new brochure here.


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