Trin’s Ultimate Safe Hangout Space: A Renovated Queer Resource Center

Trin’s Ultimate Safe Hangout Space: A Renovated Queer Resource Center

Trin’s Queer Resource Center (QRC), located at 114 Crescent Street, is a safe space for the LBTQI and ally community. Operating under Multicultural Affairs, the QRC provides resources on sexual orientation and gender identity in addition to spaces for students and their organizations to be social and have meetings and conferences.

Before spring break, I had the opportunity to speak with Carrie Robinson, Director of LGBTQ+ Life about QRC’s newly renovated spaces and explored the digs myself. Let’s take a tour, shall we?  ?️‍?

Immediately when I walked in, brand new furniture greeted me in the conference and event space. All of the furniture is on wheels, allowing the space to be transformed and molded to the needs of someone presenting, hosting a discussion, or holding an event.

Next, I visited the updated kitchen space. There is a brand new sink and refrigerator as well as new counters and cabinets. This space is great for students looking to make a cup of coffee or tea before their 9:25 a.m. class, reheat their Trinity Restaurant leftovers for lunch or bake some cookies when someone else is using their common room kitchen.

My final stop on the first floor? The library, with its brand new couch and bean bag chairs. Of course, I made sure to test out these pieces which shot me into a deep state of comfy bliss—something we can all use this time of the academic year. The QRC also updated its resources adding new books, films, magazines, informational brochures and resource guides to their already abundant collection. So, if you’re looking for a new read or to finally show your friends, “Love, Simon,” you know where to go.

What did I find upstairs in the living room, you ask? Brand new furniture and even a gaming system for students looking to hang out and pass the time between classes.

After stopping in the living room, I went to explore the rest of the second floor. Here, you’ll be excited to know, are two new student computer desktop stations with printing capabilities—great for students looking for an alternative study space to their usual corner tucked away in Raether.

Since taking a peek at the newly updated QRC, I’ve concluded that the space is an ultimate hangout destination for Bants! Don’t believe me? Or are you having a hard time just visualizing the changes?

Come out to QRC’s reopening celebration on Wednesday, April 3 at 6 p.m. I’m telling you, you’ll likely want to park it for a while, but I claim one of the bean bag chairs!
Have other questions about QRC’s programming or spaces? Contact Carrie Robinson at her office in 114 Crescent Street or by email at

Let’s Be Social: @trincollqrc 


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