GUEST PLAYLIST: Brandon Serafino ’14

Get your ears ready! ?
We celebrated reaching a 1000 donor goal on Giving Day 2019 with a special Spotify guest playlist from Trin Alum Brandon Serafino ’14!


…and check out what Brandon had to say about his time at Trin:

My time at Trinity College was defined by the music that took me on the journey. From booking my first shows @themillattrin, singing with the @trindents, dancing with @elementalmovementcrew, studying world music with Professor Galm, living abroad in Brazil, performing onstage in Professor Moshell’s musicals, and partying the night away with good friends, the soundtrack to my four years sticks with me to this day. Included in this playlist are only a handful of gems from that time, which continue to act as markers of an amazing college experience. I cannot imagine my college years without the music that guided me and taught me more about myself. The two are inextricably linked, and I hope this playlist will reveal some of the diverse influences that made college so memorable and still influence me to this day.

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