Larry Bello-Castillo ’24

Hey guys, I am Larry Bello-Castillo. I am a junior majoring in human rights with a minor in mathematics. I am from Norwalk, Connecticut, about an hour and 15 minutes from Trinity, and am interested in computers and photography. This past summer I worked at Trinfo.Cafe, and was in charge of their social media. One of my favorite styles of photography is portraits/city landscapes. Since I started taking pictures, I always loved having a subject in the picture. However, I recently started taking city pictures, and with that came a learning curve that I am still trying to overcome! One interest I have but haven’t really done anything with yet is videography and that’s one goal I have as a SoMA! 

Favorite spot on campus: LSC Quad, Main Quad is overhyped
Go to karaoke song: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen or Adios Amor by Christian Nodal
Favorite food: Barbacoa de Chivo
If I was an animal I would be: A sloth, they know how to conserve energy.
Let’s be social: You can check out my work at @bellophotography__

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