LTO Swims onto Trin’s Campus

SoMA Wendy Salto ’22 breaks down her thought process regarding joining Greek life at Trin, and how to go about branching out and bringing her connections to TrinColl. 

Wendy Salto ’22 wears her LTO swag, after helping bring the mermaids to Trin’s campus

I remember being a senior in high school, after being accepted to Trinity College, laying in my bed wondering if I would ever partake in Greek life on campus? The only concept I had about Greek life at that point, was what is illustrated in movies. By my sophomore year, I went through the Trin rush process, but there wasn’t an organization that ticked all of my boxes. I specifically wanted a sisterhood that would be with me beyond my college years, and that I could remain connected with when traveling home to Chicago. I wanted a sisterhood that purposefully would advocate for diversity and multiculturalism. A sisterhood that would open doors to meeting new people at other colleges.

Right when I was beginning to lose hope and becoming accustomed to the idea that maybe I would not be a part of Greek life at Trin, I learned about a sorority that was not on campus yet. Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Incorporated (LTO) was looking to expand to schools in Connecticut. I made it a point to research as much as I could about this sisterhood online and reached out to one of the sisters that had come to host a general interest meeting. What intrigued me the most about LTO, founded in 1988, is that it is a sisterhood that was founded on the principles of womyn empowerment, multiculturalism, and commitment to service. As part of this, LTO uses “womyn” rather than “woman/women” to serve as a representation of the pride the group shares in accomplishments and strengths as womynkind.

“Enchanting the world since 1988, the strong, independent mermaids of Lambda Tau Omega aim to empower womyn, serve the community and be examples of excellence in all their endeavors. Independent and focused, the womyn of LTO represent style and grace. Come and take a dive to form bonds that last a lifetime and learn what it means to be a mermaid.”

Over last winter break, I was able to meet sisters in Chicago, my hometown, from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Leviathan Lambda chapter. They took time out of their days to meet with me even though at that point I was unsure if I was going to dive into LTO myself. It was significant meeting these womyn because now I know that even when I am far from the east coast there are still mermaids out there that will be there for me. It was also encouraging to meet sisters that have been a part of this sisterhood for about the same length that I’ve existed on this earth (about 20 years). It truly showed that this was a sisterhood I would have beyond my years at Trinity. After meeting these womyn I knew that this was an organization that I wanted to bring to Trinity’s campus. I wanted to form part of something bigger than myself. This organization would not only provide a safe space for me but also offer an opportunity for womyn who typically would not see themselves as part of Greek life.

To say this endeavor was an easy one would be an understatement. Things happened that could not be foreseen (I see you COVID) but it all seems to have been for the best. I’ve met such amazing sisters ever since I became interested and I am so excited to meet even more. I have been bombarded with a huge amount of support and love. I am ecstatic about the impact that Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, Incorporated will have here in Hartford. Womyn from all walks of life are welcomed!

Any interested womyn can reach out to me via email ( to learn more about LTO!
Let’s Be Social: Greek Life at Trin: @trincollgreeks

LTO at Trin: @trinitymermaids
National LTO Account: @lambdatauomega 

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