MOCA’s Women’s Appreciation Brunch

This past weekend on Sunday, March 12th, one of the Men of Color Alliance’s (MOCA) staple events returned with a bang! This time around the MOCA Women’s Appreciation event was a brunch held in the Washington Room. Co-Presidents Deion Kelly ’23, Xavier Mercado ’24, and the rest of their MOCA e-board wanted to start having the Women’s Appreciation event again after it had been postponed the last 3 years due to COVID-19. (The first-ever Women’s Appreciation Event was held on March 16th, 2013!) Although the event had a slow start, it picked up quickly. Everyone from first-years to Chartwells employees to members of the Hartford community, came out to be part of and support the Women’s Appreciation Brunch. 

MOCA giving their introduction speech before getting the event going.

Once the tables started filling up, it was time for the Men of Color Alliance to kick things off. The brunch began with the e-board being introduced, followed by the meal. Once people had been seated with their food, it was time for the keynote speaker, Shian Earlington, to take the stage. Earlington talked about the importance of empowering young girls of color so that they are able to be free in choosing what they want to study. One of the main reasons for choosing Earlington, according to Xavier, is because “The impact that she has on the Hartford community is far-reaching. She is an inspiration to everyone because of her perseverance in aspiring to her dreams.” Some of her work has revolved around HIV research and the disparities that exist within crucial populations in Hartford. This research was done with Trinity’s own HIV Community Health Worker’s (CHW’s) Action Lab Research Team. Earlington’s presence at the podium was one that gave off a strong aura, full of energy and inspiration! She uses that energy in pursuit of her dream of becoming a pediatric surgeon, bringing medical care to babies, children, and teenagers. 

Shian Earlington giving her speech.

Overall the Women’s Appreciation Brunch was a great success, and according to the Co-Presidents, it is a bar that they hope to surpass next year by having an even bigger turnout. With Deion graduating this spring, Xavier and the rest of the e-board have their work cut out for themselves next year. With a strong start and a newfound motivation, there is nothing stopping the MOCA train! “MOCA events, since I have been a student here, have honestly lost their sense of purpose…as young men of color, we need to start hosting events that have a purpose, a purpose worth celebrating. Ultimately the end goal [of the brunch] is to appreciate and cater to women/women identifying people on and off campus”, says Deion. The return of this event allowed for their ultimate goal to come to fruition: to bring together women and women-identifying people and host an event in which their successes can be shown off and celebrated!

The MOCA e-board.

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