Community Block Party 2023

Trinity College’s Community Block Party is an annual event that happens in the beginning of the school year. The “Back to School Jam” was hosted by Trinity’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and was filled with events and music.  

Local vendors and several of Trinity departments including English, study away, and the counselling center tabled during the event and attracted the attention of numerous students. The party was hosted by Self Suffice, a Hartford-local rapper, hip hop activist, and Trin alum, who has inspired generations of Bantams. President Berger-Sweeney made a brief speech about our Bicentennial celebration and then with the whole crowd, she opened up the dance floor! And if that was still not enough fun, a drum and dance ensemble consisting of Hartford youth and a stilt artist thrilled the Washington Room with their special performances!

The Community Block Party is an event that I personally look forward to every year. To me, it fosters a sense of community, not only within Trinity students but also within Hartford where Trinity calls home. 

– Vy Duong ’26






The Men of Color Alliance also hosted their Community Harvest Bash earlier in the day at Trinfo Cafe. While the rainy weather put a damper on their gardening efforts, the community still gathered to celebrate the start of the fall season.

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