CV and Bio

Curriculum Vitae: Kyle Evans CV

You know how on the first day of the semester a professor usually introduces themselves to the students with some information about themselves?

Hi I’m Kyle. You’re probably here because you know me as a teacher, but I’d be selling myself short if that’s the only way I defined myself. I grew up in Wappingers Falls, NY in the lovely Hudson Valley (yes that’s “upstate” New York) and although math was always “my thing” in school, sports came first. I played soccer through high school and as a lifelong New York Mets fan (sigh) I would watch as many games as possible. For now, let’s just say I have a vast knowledge of sports trivia.

I went to Sacred Heart University for undergrad with the intention of going into athletic administration and was quickly convinced (not that I needed much convincing) that math was the route for me. Through individual and group tutoring, it was here that first sparked my interest in education and helping others.

Like many fresh grads, I had no idea what to do with my mathematics degree and grad school started as a way to “delay the real world” but it was my time at the University of Connecticut that I fell in love with teaching and improving the state of math instruction at the college level. Oh and it’s not like my love of sports disappeared – you won’t find many bigger fans of UConn women’s basketball and I also started writing about soccer uniforms.

Making math education matter was not just a personal goal in my own classes, but also a goal that motivated my research based on K-12 mathematics classrooms. Students (and instructors) need to understand and experience that math isĀ not a “politically neutral” subject and that math has genuine authentic connections to society.

I’m currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at Trinity College and continue to develop my voice as an educator and as a mental health advocate. I’m teaching math, education, and politics and am active in the campus community.

You’ll get to know me more throughout the semester and I’ll do my best to get to know you and your context. You matter.