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  1. Great presentation Sophia! I think this is an incredibly important area of research to be looking into especially with the recent topic of body image in the media. I found it really fascinating that individuals who were attracted to females displayed believing that the ideal body image was more petite than those not attracted to women. This would be a really interesting area to look into moving forward. It would also be interesting to see how results differ in terms of ideal body image across cultures. Phenomenal study, great job!

  2. This was a great study Sophia! I love how you mentioned that the DSM- 5 targets mostly women when looking at eating disorders, that it can even disregard men who deal with such disorder. I would love to learn more about how men are influenced to obtain a certain body image and how that affects their relationship with the opposite sex. It would be interesting to analyze how body image affects social interaction amongst sexes. Good job!

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