Fulbrights for Recent Grads

Four recent Trinity College graduates have been awarded Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships (ETA) in locations around the world. The ETA program places Fulbright grant recipients in classrooms in foreign countries to provide assistance to the local English teachers. ETAs help teach the English language while serving as cultural ambassadors for the United States.

Elizabeth PatinoELIZABETH PATINO ’19
Hometown: Holmes, New York
Degree: B.A. in international studies and Hispanic studies, minor in Arabic
Fulbright ETA location: Mexico

Thoughts on program: “I became keenly interested in Mexico when I took a class on 21st-century Mexican literature, which focused on human rights, border issues, globalization, and identity,” she said, adding that in addition to teaching, she looks forward to pursuing a storytelling project in Mexico. “For me, storytelling has provided a pathway for cross-cultural communication.”

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Mariyann SoulemaneMARIYANN SOULEMANE ’19
Hometown: Norwalk, Connecticut
Degree: B.A. in international studies, minor in French studies
Fulbright ETA location: Malaysia

Thoughts on program: “As a Fulbright ETA in Malaysia, I plan to immerse myself in the culture, learning about the educational system and finding ways to grant people their fundamental right to a high-quality, inclusive education,” she said. “In addition to classroom teaching, I look forward to sharing my love of dance. I have skills in various dance forms, including African and hip hop dance, and consider dance to be an ideal vehicle for cross-cultural communication.”

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Maria WarnsMARIA WARNS ’19
Hometown: Poulsbo, Washington
Degree: B.A. in mathematics and urban studies, minors in Russian language and models and data
Fulbright ETA location: Russia

Thoughts on program: “Throughout my life, I have tried to build bridges linking the people and cultures where I live and then help others cross those bridges,” Warns said. “As a Fulbright ETA, I am eager to represent the vibrant and diverse culture of America while helping Russian students master the English language. I also hope to promote greater understanding in the U.S. of Russia’s rich and varied cultural landscape and history.”

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Mya PetersMYA PETERS ’18
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Degree: B.S. in psychology
Fulbright ETA location: Thailand

Thoughts on program: “I am excited to learn about Thai culture while sharing my own culture with those I encounter,” said Peters. “I am also excited to learn about blackness in Thailand as there are indigenous black native communities, like the Mani people, who reside in Thailand. Thailand is also an uncolonized nation, and I am looking forward to learning about blackness in this context.”

Peters added, “My long-term career goal is to start my own international diversity and inclusion consulting practice. I believe that in order to have the skill set to coach international companies on how they support diverse employees and clients, I must first learn how to teach and understand how others learn. An ETA Fulbright grant to Thailand will enable me to do just that!”

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