Links from Class: 9/14/15

Here are the key images, videos, and links from today’s lecture:

1. Photo of John Lennon &Mark David Chapman on 12/8/1980

2. Photo of John Lennon & Yoko Ono taken by Annie Liebovitz on 12/8/1980

3. Key images from the crack epidemic, our destroyed 1970s & 1980s cities, & artist/activist responses to both

4. Peter Jennings reporting for ABC News: Berlin Wall Falls – Nov 9 & 10, 1989

5. A 1977 drawing of DARPAnet, predecessor of the internet, which Tim-Berners Lee will begin to imagine in 1989

6. First photo of AIDS patient in national magazine (1990)

7. President Obama and family visiting Nelson Mandela’s prison cell which he left in 1990

8. “Better” video from National Immigration Forum Action Fund 9/13/15


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