Exercise 8-9: How would Tatum interpret Skin Deep?

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Exercise 8-9: How would psychologist Beverly Tatum interpret the racial identity development of a student in the Skin Deep video? What stage (or stages) would she place them in, and why? Support your reasoning with at least two direct quotes: one from video dialogue (cite with a timestamp), and another from Tatum’s book. Use any standard academic citation format. Hint: see these Zotero-friendly links to  Tatum’s book and to the video.

For this assignment, choose any student EXCEPT Tammy, who we will analyze together in our class discussion.

In addition, take a screenshot (in Mac OS X use Shift+Cmd+4) of a key scene from the video on Trinflix to illustrate your essay.

No more than 500 words. Submit on the GDoc Organizer by Wed Oct 21st at 9pm.

Skin Deep students, in order of appearance:

Mark (UMass-Amherst)

Brian (UMass-Amherst)

Don (California State-Chico)

Khanh (Univ of California-Berkeley)

Tammy (Texas A&M)

Judith (Univ of California-Berkeley)

Lisa (Univ of California-Berkeley)

Gordon (Univ of California-Berkeley)

Dane (Texas A&M)

Freda (Texas A&M)

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