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Summer 2015
Hello all,

I cannot wait to meet you all this fall as we learn and grow together, but for now this letter will give you a bit of information about your “Color and Money” mentor. My name is Jasmine Gentry and I am a junior pursuing a double major in Human Rights Studies and Hispanic Studies in the hopes of one day becoming an attorney.

I am a proud Kentuckian with a love for sweet tea. I am also a Questbridge Scholar—a scholarship for high achieving students who come from low income families. On campus, I am a part of Elemental Movement, a hip hop dance crew, where I choreograph pieces and perform with the group; I work in the Alumni Office in Trinity Commons where I assist in the planning of Reunion Weekend; I also work in The Underground Coffeehouse—the best coffee shop on campus—where I humbly make the tastiest and prettiest drinks around (latte art included).

As your first-year mentor I not only help you with academic necessities, but I am here to assist in your transition from high school to college. This includes anything from understanding Trinity culture, to developing your identity and social life, to figuring out where the best places to eat off campus are located.

I love Trinity because it fostered my ability to understand who I am and how I change over time. My advice to you all is to come into Trinity College with an open mind and an open heart. Let yourself change for the better and meet as many people as you can. Get involved in more than academics—you never know, your best friend may be the president of a club you never thought you’d join. Spread your wings and fly and before you know it, Trinity will be the place you call “home”.

As a “Color and Money” alum, I assure you that your mind will be blown and your beliefs will be challenged, but you will walk out of this seminar ready to take on the liberal arts. You will learn about yourself and everyone else as we discuss the intersectionality of race and class—color and money.

Professor Dougherty and I cannot wait to get to know you all throughout the year as we challenge our beliefs and learn together. Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions or concerns.

See you this fall,

Jasmine Gentry
First-Year “Color and Money” Mentor
email: jasmine.gentry@trincoll.edu

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