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English Language Learners Underrepresented in Connecticut’s Choice Schools

Background Just over two decades ago, in 1989, Elizabeth Horton Sheff and a coalition of plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against Connecticut’s then-governor, William O’Neill, calling attention to the stark segregation and inequality that characterized Hartford Area schools at the time. … Continue reading

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No Choice in an “Open Choice” System: English Language Learners Underrepresented and Underfunded in Connecticut’s Choice Schools

HISTORY In the 1960’s, the state of Connecticut began bussing urban students to suburban schools, as a part of a school desegregation plan known as “Project Concern.” More than two decades later, Hartford schools were still predominately composed of students … Continue reading

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Watching Public School Choice in Connecticut

Last Saturday, May 17, 2014, was the 60th Anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education court decision that struck down de jure school segregation. That same day, Mira Debs, Prof. Jack Dougherty, and I gave a presentation entitled, “Who … Continue reading

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