Kindergarten: The Changes from Play to Work

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Question: “In the United States, how do the learning goals and curriculum for kindergarten classrooms differ from it’s adoption in the early 1900s to today? And why have they changed?


  • In the early 1900s kindergarten’s curriculum encouraged play and natural development
  • Reason: kids need a year to prepare for school, not ready for academic pressures
  • Today, kindergarten’s curriculum encourages academic learning
  • Reasons for the change: preschool has adopted the play-like curriculum, and because of the pressures from standardize testing and parents, kindergarten’s role has shifted to being academic-based instead


Jen Scott Curwood: What Happened To Kindergarten

  • why original model was implemented
  • how kindergarten has changed
  • why kindergarten has changed
  • Interesting fact: a decade ago, only 15% of kindergartens could read. today in a county in Maryland, 90% of kindergartens could read


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  1. Brigit, as a reader, I would like to know more about the key factors that are driving key factors behind your thesis. During your Q&A after your presentation, for example, you mentioned that two-income families and economic pressures may be an influential factor here. Do your best to incorporate these deeper ideas into the thesis of your final essay.

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