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Caribbean Immigrants and African-Americans in U.S Colleges

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Shantel Hanniford

My name is Shantel Hanniford and I am currently a Junior at Trinity College. I was born in Jamaica but grew up in Nantucket, Ma with my father and my step-mother. I am double majoring in Educational Studies and Psychology. I am also a member of the Women’s Basketball team and a social-chair for the Caribbean Student’s Association on campus.

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  1. Shantel, to make sure that you are fulfilling the guidelines for this assignment on change/continuity over time, I recommend that you reframe your thesis to clarify how these researchers’ arguments about Caribbean & US college students have changed over time or remained the same, by explaining the chronology of their arguments (rather than clumping them all together). For example, did authors who researched this topic in the 1980s or 1990s come up with different answers than those who have written about it more recently?

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