Reform Through the Red Tape

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I spent the last two and a half years working at a community college. More often then not in attempting to implement a new program, activity or initiative I was met with a daunting series of bureaucratic red tape. It was all incredibly frustrating to me and I constantly was asking myself, “Why is change so hard?” along with “Where does this resistance stem from?” Attending Trinity and in particular taking this course is my attempt to begin to answer those questions. I want to learn about the process of change in our educational system, how and why some reforms succeed, what are the catalysts for educational reform and how all the moving pieces come together to break the barrier of inertia, as I have experienced it, in education.  Additionally, I have limited experience with many of the technologies being used in this course and look forward to gaining exposure to these.

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  1. Looking forward to learning with you this semester, especially how your experiences in the community college world shape your analysis of reform and resistance.

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