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This site uses a special WordPress endnote plugin, called FD Footnote, which enables authors to insert Chicago-style endnotes In the body of the text in this standard format:
On the published page, each endnote reference is automatically displayed at the bottom of the essay, like this:

To add more endnotes, be sure to follow the standard format: open-bracket, number, period, space, and the text of the note, followed by a closed-bracket. The space between the period and the text of the note is important! Be sure to use rectangular brackets to mark the beginning and end of your endnote, but do not insert them anywhere inside the text of the note. Instead, use parentheses “( )” inside the note.

When creating a new WordPress endnote, which number should you insert? In most cases, simply use the number “1”. The plugin automatically displays all notes in numerical order (1, 2, 3. . .)  at the bottom of the page, regardless of the number you insert inside the brackets. There is one exception: if you duplicate the text of any note (e.g. using “Ibid.” more than once), then assign it a new number (such as “2” ) to avoid confusing the plugin.

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