Food and Journalism – Kevin Alexander ’03

Food and Journalism – Kevin Alexander ’03

Interviewed by Kevin Torres ’21


KT: What have you done since leaving Trinity?


KA: After I left Trinity, I went straight to journalism school at Boston University and, while there, started writing for Boston Magazine. Immediately after graduation from BU, I continued my schooling by getting a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing at Emerson College. I became a columnist for Writers Digest and the Boston editor of Thrillist, an online food and drink site. Then I moved to San Francisco, became Thrillist’s West Coast Editor, then Executive Editor, and launched their National Food and Drink edition. From there, I went back to writing full time a few years ago, focusing on restaurants and bar industries. In 2017, I won a James Beard Foundation award for one of my profiles, and sold a book to Penguin Press about the last twelve years of eating and drinking in America called Burn the Ice: The American Culinary Revolution and Its End, which comes out July 9th, 2019.


KT: What lessons that Trinity taught you that were useful for your career?


KA: I would say my Urban Politics class at Trinity was extremely impactful because of the way it colored my thoughts on journalism and how a city gentrifies. Learning about the ways a city changes and how its politics overlap with the development and how all those things blend together was really important to my career.


KT: What would you say is your proudest accomplishments since leaving Trinity?


KA: Personally, I would obviously say having kids and marrying my wife. From a professional point, I think writing that book because the process took two years and I worked very hard on it. It’s definitely one of my proudest achievement.


KT: What would want other alumni to know about you?


KA: I would tell them how I utilize what I learned from Trinity and turned it into a professional career. My time writing for the Trinity Tripod helped shape my career, as did working in an internship at a local community newspaper during my senior year, and playing on the soccer team. The chance to try a variety of things at Trinity helped apply to my career in journalism.

KT: What are some hobbies, passions, or milestones that you want Trinity to be aware of?


KA: Aside from food writing and general journalism, I still play soccer with one of my roommates from Trinity (Stuart Poole ’03). We co-manage and play for a men’s soccer team in San Francisco. It’s lots of fun, even if we’re getting old.


Photo credit: Andy Kryza