From Rowing to the Granola Industry: Business Ventures After Trinity– Nate Kelly ‘10

From Rowing to the Granola Industry: Business Ventures After Trinity– Nate Kelly ‘10

Interviewed by Brener de Souza ‘22


BD: What have you done since leaving Trinity?


NK: When I left Trinity, my initial intention was to train for the U.S. senior Olympic rowing team. I was the captain for Trinity and rowed there for all four years of undergrad.

I moved back to my hometown in New Canaan, CT, and assisted my high school rowing coach. My mom started making this granola for the family while I was there. I started sharing that granola with my athletes. They all fell in love with it and decided that they wanted to start buying it so I started selling it to them in bags. We then started distributing it through farmers market and we realized that people wanted to buy it in grocery stores. In the fall of 2012, we started selling our granola at grocery stores. This was when I transitioned away from rowing and starting Four Plus Granola. Since then, I’ve been solely focused on growing the business. The first place we ever actually started selling it was Peter B’s.


BD: Is there anything you learned at Trinity that you’ve used or has helped you in your career?


NK: I didn’t get business degrees but the liberal arts degree broadened my scope of understanding and enables me to drive deeper into particular topics. I translated this method to the business world. Everything I did at Trinity gave me the fundamentals to grow this business and work on the sales and marketing for Four Plus Granola. My passion for political science hasn’t died off however; I am still an avid news and politic junky.


BD: What is your proudest accomplishment since graduating Trinity?


NK: Starting this business and running it for six years, coming up on seven years. Four Plus Granola is granola for anyone: athletes, elderly people, and young children. We have a broad spectrum of customers. I also met my wife at Trinity!

BD: What is something you would like other alums to know about you?


NK: I am always open to meeting with anybody or having a phone call together. I love networking and talking to other people, especially alumni. I also want other alumni to know that we want to expand our business. We are currently in 350 stores in the New England area.


BD: What are some hobbies, passions, successes, or milestones that you would like Trinity to be aware of?


NK: I am still a dedicated rower. If I can fit it in my schedule, I row six times per week. I am still competing in some of the top races; in the fall I’ll be competing in Boston at the Head of Charles. I also started up a small photography and videography business with a couple of friends called Prop Works, where we provide drone video and photographs for real estate listings.