Charles A. Dana Professor of Biology - Trinity College, Hartford, CT

Notes on the marine algae of the Bermudas. 3. Avrainvillea sylvearleae, Discosporangium mesarthrocarpum and Peyssonnelia valentinii


Journal of Phycology 34: 180-188


Three species of marine algae are reported from the Bermuda islands for the first time, Avrainvillea sylvearleae D.S.Littler et Littler, Discosporangium mesarthrocarpum(Menegh.) Hauck, and Peyssonnelia valentinii Yonesh. et Boudour. The presence of Avrainvillea sylvearleae in Bermuda prompted a taxonomic reinvestigation of North Carolina specimens recently attributed to that taxon, and we find them better placed in A. longicaulis f. laxa D.S.Littler et Littler. The report of the eastern Atlantic/Mediterranean Discosporangium mesarthrocarpum is the first from the western Atlantic Ocean and joins only 12 other amphi-Atlantic species with strictly warm temperate zone distributions. Peyssonnelia valentinii is discovered for the first time outside of Brazil.

Key words: Amphi-Atlantic, Avrainvillea, Bermuda, Discosporangium, North Carolina, Peyssonnelia.