Charles A. Dana Professor of Biology - Trinity College, Hartford, CT


Research Students in the Lab

Present Lab Members

  • Margaret M. (Maggie) Cassidy 2019-21, Phylogenetic studies of the genus Dasya (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyta) from the euphotic and mesophotic zones off Bermuda


Past Undergraduate Lab Members and Honors Theses Since 1990

  • Elias S. Peterson 2017-19, A molecular-assisted alpha taxonomic (MAAT) study of western Atlantic Solieriaceae (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales) [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 2019]
  • Madalyn A. (Maddie) Farrar 2018-19, Morphological studies of four red algae in the Bermuda mesophytic flora [B.A. Anthropology and Biology, 2019]
  • Bilal F. Hamzeh 2017, Phylogenetic study of a new species of Digenea from Bermuda [B.Sc. Neuroscience, 2019]
  • Luke Maynard 2016-17, Molecular-assisted alpha taxonomy of the genus Spyridia (Spyridiaceae, Ceramiales) in Bermuda [B.Sc. Biology, 2017]
  • Hannah Adams 2016, A study of the Nemaliales of Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean Sea [B.A. Biology, 2017]
  • Walter M. Jongbloed 2015-16, New genetic species of Wrangelia (Wrangeliaceae, Rhodophyta) from Bermuda, western Atlantic Ocean [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 2016; M.D. candidate, University of Connecticut]
  • Maura K. Griffith 2015-16, Phylogenetic studies of Champia (Rhodophyta) in the western Atlantic Ocean [B.Sc. Archeobiology with honors, 2017; M.S., University College, London, 2019; Ph.D. candidate, University College, London]
  • Phong K. Quach 2014-15, Phylogenetic studies of Dasya (Rhodophyta) in Bermuda [B.Sc. Biology with honors and Chemistry with honors, 2017; Ph.D. candidate, Cornell University]
  • Dylan S. Spagnuolo 2014, Phylogenetic studies of Centroceras and Dichotomaria in Bermuda [B.Sc. Mathematics with honors and Language & Culture Studies (French & Italian) with honors, 2017]
  • Nikolaus E. Schultz 2013-14, MAAT studies of Lobophora (Phaeophyceae) in the western Atlantic [B.Sc. Biology, 2014; M.Sc., University of Connecticut, 2016]
  • Tayoot (Todd) Chengsupanimit 2010-12, Molecular-assisted alpha taxonomic studies of the Phyllophoraceae and Liagoraceae from Bermuda [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 2013; M.D., Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University 2020]
  • Amy Kivela 2010-12, Phylogenetic studies of the Peyssonneliaceae of Bermuda [B.Sc. Biology, 2012]
  • Lincoln McMahon 2009-2010, Survey of the marine macroalgae of Long Island, New York [B.Sc. Biology and Physical Sciences, 2010]
  • Elisabeth N. Cianciola 2008-10, Molecular-assisted alpha taxonomy of the genus Centroceras (Ceramiaceae, Ceramiales) in Bermuda, western Atlantic [B.Sc. Environmental Science with honors, 2010; M.Sc. University of New Hampshire School of Natural Resources, May 2014]
  • Maggie Thomas 2010, A comparative study of benthic and coral reef fish communities on artificial versus natural reefs of Bonaire, N.A. [B.Sc. Environmental Science with honors, 2010]
  • Catherine Carmichael 2007 [B.Sc. Biology, 2008]
  • Justin Pool 2008 [B.Sc. Biology, 2008; M.Sc., Ohio University, 2010; Ph.D., Fordham University, 2017]
  • Lilly Hancock 2007-08 [B.Sc. Biology, 2008; M.Sc., University of Rhode Is., 2010; Ph.D., Brown University, 2018]
  • Amanda White 2007, The angiosperm flora of Church Farm, Ashford, Connecticut [B.Sc. Biology, 2008]
  • Alexander Wing  2007, The angiosperm flora of Church Farm, Ashford, Connecticut [B.Sc. Biology, 2008]
  • Alicia Morelli 2005 [B.Sc. Computer Coordinate with Biology: Bioinformatics, 2006]
  • Loren Edge, 2002 [B.Sc. Biology, 2003]
  • Caitlyn Hunt 2001-02, The effects of extended hypoxia on Vaucheria Propagules in riparian sediments. [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 2002; M.Sc., Duke University School of the Environment, 2004]
  • Rebecca M. Thibault 2000-01, The algal flora of Church Farm, Ashford, Connecticut [B.Sc. Biology, 2001]
  • Jon Stein 2001 [B.Sc. Mathematics, 2002]
  • Justin Lafreniere 2001 [B.Sc. Biology, 2001]
  • Nate Folkemer 2000 [B.Sc. Biology, 2001]
  • Daniel C. McDevit 1999-2001, The effects of repeated freeze/thaw cycles on Vaucheria propagules in New England riparian sediments. [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 2001; M.Ed., Boston College, 2005; Ph.D., University of New Brunswick, 2010]
  • Megan E. Dunphy 1999-2000, The effects of desiccation, freezing and sediment depth on Vaucheria DC. (Vaucheriaceae, Tribophyceae, Chrysophyta) propagules in Connecticut riparian sediments. [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 2000; M.Ed., University of Chicago, 2002]
  • Jennifer Baptiste 1999 [B.Sc. Biology, 2003]
  • Christopher E. Lane 1996-99, Systematic and ecological studies of the genus Vaucheria DC. (Vaucheriaceae, Tribophyceae, Chrysophyta). [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 1999; Ph.D., University of New Brunswick, 2004—University-wide prize for most outstanding dissertation, 2004]
  • JoEllen Viola 1998 [B.Sc. Biology, 1999]
  • Anna Norland 1997-98, Survey of the freshwater species of the genus Vaucheria De Candolle (Vaucheriaceae, Tribophyceae, Chrysophyta) in Connecticut. [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 1998; M.Ed., Harvard University, 1999]
  • Courtney Hadly 1996-97 [B.Sc. Biology, 1997]
  • Bryan C. Horling 1995-96, Using Lindenmayer-systems to model the growth of the net-forming red alga, Rhododictyon bermudensis W.R.Taylor. [B.Sc. Biology with honors and Computer Science with honors, 1996; M.Sc., Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, 1998, 2005]
  • Steven Heidenis 1994-95 [B.Sc. Biology, 1995]
  • Meghan K. Riley 1994-95, The Effects of Salinity and Desiccation on Freshwater Vaucheria (Tribophyceae, Chrysophyta) from North America. [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 1995; M.A., Duke University, 1998]
  • Rebecca F. Lawrence 1993, American wilderness policy: in theory and in practice. [B.A. Environmental Studies with honors, 1993]
  • Bill Esler 1992 [B.Sc. Biology, 1993]
  • George Murphy 1992 [B.Sc. Biology, 1993]
  • Britt M. Stockton 1992-93, The effect of salinity on two freshwater Vaucheria species (Tribophyceae, Chrysophyta) from North America. [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 1993; Ph.D., Tufts University Medical School, 1999; M.D., Tufts University, 2001]
  • Harlan L. (Lanny) Miller 1992-93, Effects of various nitrate concentrations on growth of two freshwater species of Vaucheria (Tribophyceae, Chrysophyta) in vitro. [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 1993; M.Sc. Plant Biology, University of Massachusetts, 1996; Ph.D. Marine Science, University of Texas, 2002]
  • James F. (JC) Cahill Jr. 1991-92, [B.Sc. Biology 1992; Ph.D. Univ. Pennsylvania,1997]
  • Laura A. MacDonald 1991-92, Effects of various salinities on a salt-marsh alga, Vaucheria (Chrysophyta, Xanthophyceae). [B.Sc. Biology with honors, 1992; M.A.T. Biology, SUNY Binghamton, 1994]
  • Ivan Heller 1990 [B.Sc. Biology, 1991]
  • Elizabeth Capaldi 1990 [B.Sc. Biology, 1990; Ph.D., Animal Behavior, Michigan State University, 1995]
  • Laura Taylor 1989 [B.Sc. Psychobiology, 1990]

Graduate Students

  • Thea Popolizio, 2000-2015, Integrating molecular and traditional systematic techniques to redefine red algal (rhodophyte) diversity in the Bermuda Islands [Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 1995]

Collaborating Scientists

Gaz2  Gary Saunders, Univ. New Brunswick

 Greece-IPC-(2001)-4 Michael Wynne, Univ. Michigan Herbarium

Chris_Lane   Chris Lane, Univ. Rhode Island   

DSCN1405    Thea Popolizio, Salem State University

DSCN3135   Dan McDevit, University of Delaware, Wilmington

DSCN0620.JPG Chris Flook, Bermuda Institute for Ocean Sciences

P.M. Rouja Philippe Rouja, Bermuda Dept. of Env. & Nat. Resources