ICPA 13 Remembering Gibson Symposium

ICPA 13 — Remembering Gibson Symposium

The first symposium at this meeting honored James J. Gibson by assembling a group of his former students and postdocs to speak informally about their experiences. A video of the symposium was made by Yuki SATO, Miho NISHIZAKI and Hiroe YAMAZAKI. The editing was done by Tetsushi NONAKA. A full screen size DVD exists and could be provided on request to Bill Mace. What is provided here is the entire video broken into labeled clips. A written transcript of the dialogue (also done by NONAKA) is included — lightly edited to remove pauses and awkward transitions that are especially distracting in print. An added feature of the symposium itself is the photo collection of Gibson’s 1970 conference on Ecological Optics from the archives of Sverker Runeson. Thes photos themselves are not included here, but are somewhat visible in the video. The time of each clip is indicated in minutes and seconds. You can return to this page using the browser’s “”back” button.

As a bonus, we provide a list of all Ph.D. students of both James Gibson and Eleanor Gibson, as prepared by Pat Cabe.

  1. Mace Introduction [7:13]
  2. John Kennedy [11:00]
  3. Hal Sedgwick[8:43]
  4. Philip Kaushall [8:47]
  5. Bob Shaw on Gibson driving [1:52]
  6. Runeson photos 1 [7:44]
  7. Runeson photos 2 [7:50]
  8. Runeson photos 3 [7:25]
  9. Runeson photos 4 [7:12]
  10. Runeson photos 5 [6:07]
  11. Pat Cabe [4:39]
  12. Herb Pick [6:55]
  13. Bill Warren Question [10:40]
  14. Bob Shaw [5:13]
  15. Dave Lee [2:23]

Transcript of “Remembering Gibson” Video

Ph.D. Students of James J. Gibson

Ph.D. Students of Eleanor J. Gibson