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BIOL 182 Evolution of Life

This course will provide an introduction to life on Earth from an evolutionary perspective. Through lecture and discussion, we will examine evolutionary principles, inheritance, biodiversity, physiological adaptations, and ecology. The laboratory will provide the opportunity to explore biological concepts through observation, experimental design, and analysis. Continue Reading

BIOL 319L Animal Physiology

This course examines the physiological mechanisms underlying four fundamental functions: movement, sensation, feeding, and reproduction. How do physiological systems operate to enable organisms to live in drastically different habitats? What are the common cellular and molecular mechanisms that are shared by diverse animals Continue Reading

BIOL 373L Sensory Biology

This integrative course examines the cell biology, development, physiology and ecology of the senses (vision, audition, olfaction, taste and touch). We discuss the complex ways by which humans gather, filter and process sensory information and how animals sense the world quite differently than us. Laboratory section will include histological and physiological studies in the laboratory… Continue Reading

BIOL 456L Biology of Communication

This integrative course will examine the development, neurobiology, physiology, ecology, and evolution of communication in vertebrate animals, including humans. We will discuss how communication signals (e.g., bird songs, human speech, olfactory communication chemicals) are generated by animals, how these signals travel through the environment and are perceived by other animals, and how, in turn, they… Continue Reading