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    Creative Expression: Graffiti

    Creative Expression: Graffiti

    For my Creative Expression assignment, I chose Graffiti as my Hip-Hop element of choice. I created this piece with EVOLVE as my one-word message because one of the most noticeable facts about Hip-Hop is how rapidly it evolved and changed over time. Stylistically I opted for large block letters with a wildstyle edge. The use of bold primary colors helps add to the youthful nature of the piece in order to represent the youth of the generation that created Hip-Hop. The changing colors on the front of the letters are there to represent how Hip-Hop continued to change throughout its evolution. The arrows are symbolic of the different sub-genres of Hip-Hop that evolved in different directions despite their common thread. My hope was to create a piece that was symbolic of Hip-Hops evolution while sticking to the guidelines of the assignment.

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