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  1. Great job Julia! I think it is really important that you looked at how dyslexia is related to overall well-being, more specifically social functioning skills and anxiety. The psychosocial challenges that individuals with dyslexia face are often ignored so I am glad that you chose to further research this. I was surprised to see that there were no significant differences but it would make sense that self-esteem in regards to academic to intelligence would be low while maybe their regular self-esteem was relatively normal. So proud of you!!!!

    1. Thank you, Carly!! I also was very surprised to find that there was no significant differences, but I agree it does make sense that maybe their general mental well-being is the same, but their mental well-being in regards to academics is lower.

  2. Great work Julia! Very interesting study and clear speech. We often see language ability as a very basic ability, but we don’t see that some people have problems with it. I think Dyslexia is a very important area, and it is closely related with our mental health. I think your Possible Explanation is very convincing. Great research!

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