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  1. Terrific work, Carly! The results that suggested an increase in stress after class one and a decrease in stress after class two was very interesting. Hearing about more ways to relieve stress, such as participating in some sort of movement activity like dance, is always great to learn!

  2. This is such an interesting study! I find it interesting that stress was not reduced after the first class but was reduced after the second class. Such an interesting topic and I enjoyed your presentation!

  3. Fantastic job, Carly!!! I really enjoyed watching your presentation and learning more about the effect of dance on mood and stress. I was very surprised to learn that stress actually increased after the first class but decreased after the second. I wonder why this was the case. Also, I appreciated how esthetically pleasing your poster and presentation were 🙂

  4. Great job with your thesis Carly. I enjoyed the fact that you were able to incorporate something that you are passionate about into this project. Your project is also a great reminder of how therapeutically healing dance and other art forms can be, which as a society we often forget.

    One question I wondered as I watched your video is would you say that different dances relieves difference levels of stress? I would personally argue that a hip hop dance would relieve more stress than ballet which I consider to be more technical.

  5. Great job! I loved hearing about this study and the way mood and stress is so connected to moving our bodies. I am very interested in those results, and would love to hear about any future studies you or anyone else does that examines the difference from the first class to the second when studying stress and mood. Maybe we just need to get into a rhythm of moving our bodies before we can see the reduction of stress!

  6. Great project Carly! I think it is terrific that you were able to combine your interests into your thesis. I was also curious regarding to Marquis’s question on how different types of dance can impact stress levels, and would love to hear your input.

  7. Great job, Carly! I found your study so interesting, and especially found it fascinating that the participants’ stress was reduced after the second class, but not the first class. I’m glad you were able to combine your personal interests with your senior thesis.

  8. Great presentation Carly! I found your study so interesting. I think it’s really interesting to see how exercise can affect mood and that your study’s’ outcomes support previous research. I can tell how much effort you put into everything and you really did a great job!

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