1962 – 1964

Table of Contents 1962 – 1964

  1. Theoretical Issues and Controversies in the Field of Perception
  2. The S-R Formula and Experience
  3. Four Cases of the Perception of Size in Space
  4. Old and New Assumptions for a Theory of Visual Perception
  5. The Non-visual Perception of External Motion
  6. Note on the “Topography” of the Visual Stimulus
  7. The Implications of Active Touch
  8. Levels of the Optical Stimulus – array and the Hypothesis of Corresponding Levels of the Exploratory Visual System
  9. Outline of Present Evidence for a Stimulus-Information Theory of the Perception of the Environment and for the Control of Locomotion in an Environment
  10. On Exploratory vs. Performatory Manipulation and the Experiments being Performed to Distinguish Them
  11. Note on Structure in the Optic Array
  12. Summary of Present Evidence for a Stimulus – Information theory of Perception (in the fields of space – perception, event perception, and visual guidance of locomotion)
  13. Further Consideration of a Paradox in the Visual Perception of Translatory Motion