1972- 1979

Table of Contents 1972- 1979

  1. Note on The Differences between a Sensory Modality and a Perceptual System
  2. The Exploring, Selecting, and Enhancing of Optical Stimulus Information. A New Classification of Ocular Adjustments
  3. A Note on the El Greco Fallacy: Does It Apply to Methods of Studying Perception?
  4. With What do We See?
  5. On the Concept of the “Visual Angle” in an Optic Array and its history
  6. On the Nature of Pictorial Representation
  7. Note on the Concept of “What is Given”
  8. Note on the Perception of Displacement
  9. Further Note on Formless Invariants as Optical Information for Perception
  10. Note on The Conceptual Muddle Underlying the Optical Inversion Experiment
  11. Overt and Covert Attention
  12. A Neglected Set of Facts about Vision that can only be Comprehended by Ecological Optics
  13. An Insoluble Puzzle of Epistemology
  14. A Further Note on the Perceiving of Hidden and Unhidden Surfaces
  15. Note On the Act of Orienting and the State of Being Oriented
  16. The Perceiving of the Hidden: A Tentative Set of Theorems
  17. The Puzzle of Optical Structure
  18. A Note on the Relation Between Perceptual and Conceptual Knowledge
  19. A Listing of Supposed Operations on the Data of Sense
  20. Note on the Norms of Surface Layout
  21. The Psychophysical Experiment and the Perception Experiment
  22. The Problem of Information Pickup Psychology 512
  23. What is the Relation of Concepts to Percepts?
  24. Note on Proprioception in Relation to Somaesthesis, Self-awareness, and Introspection
  25. Note on the Apprehension of Formless and Timeless Invariants
  26. A Note on the Argument from Equivalent Configurations
  27. Note On Some Types of Visualizing Considered as Extended Forms of Visual Perceiving
  28. What is it to Perceive?
  29. Memo on the Process of Perception: Invariance Detection
  30. Five Kinds of Knowing (Supplement to Note of March 1976)
  31. Preliminary Tabulation of Processes that have been Supposed to Mediate Perception (Subject to Revision)
  32. A Tentative Formula for the Perception of Persistence and Awareness of Reality
  33. Memo on Vision and Touch Considered as Perceptual Systems
  34. A Study in the Psychology of Decorative Art
  35. A Proposed Terminology for Discussing Images
  36. A note on substances, surfaces, places, objects, events