1970 – 1971

Table of Contents 1970 – 1971

  1. The Visual Ego
  2. Terms Used in Ecological Optics
  3. A Terminology for Describing the Layout of Opaque Surfaces and the Occluding of One Surface by Another
  4. Memo On the Visual Perception of Tangible and Intangible Things
  5. Note on Behavior and Koffka’s Behavioral Environment
  6. The Relation Between Retinal Stimulation and Visual Sensation
  7. Inquiry into Sensations
  8. Loss of Word-Meaning with Prolonged Fixation An Old Experiment in Need of Reinterpretation
  9. Anomalies of Form Perception Resulting from Elements Moving within an Aperture or from an Aperture Moving over a Form
  10. Current Problems in Ecological Optics (Projects for Psychol. 512. Seminar on Perception, Spring 1971)
  11. Concerning Onset and Cessation of Stimulation and Disturbances in an Array of Stimulation
  12. A Preliminary Description and Classification of Affordances
  13. More on Affordances
  14. Do We Ever See Light?
  15. On the Distinction between Objects and Substances
  16. Invariants in the Changing Optic Array and What They Specify for an Observer in an Environment
  17. A Note on The Muddle of Extrasensory Perception
  18. The Crisis in Sensory Physiology
  19. On the Concept of Optical Texture
  20. Note on Terrestrial Orientation
  21. A Note on Conjuring Tricks and the Psychology of Event Perception