Student Thesis Projects

Master’s Thesis Projects



  • Zachary Bitan: “The Utility of Cognitive Load During Static Balance Assessment to Track the Recovery of Concussions in Collegiate Athletes”


Undergraduate Senior Thesis Projects


  • Alicia Camuy: “Episodic Future Thought in Spanish- English Bilingual Hispanics/Latinos”
  • Jocelyn Moran: “Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Adult Female Survivors of Domestic Violence”
  • Caitlyn Nguyen: “Characterizing Prospective Memory Errors and their Neuropsychological Correlations in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis”


  • Aditi Rangray: “Effects of Alcohol Use on Prospective Memory”


  • Ross Sawka: “The Effect of Acute Stress on Time-Based Prospective Memory”
  • Anna Hackett: “Trinity return-to-learn post-concussion protocol assessment”




  • Jasmin Williams: “The Use Of fMRI as a Measure Of Efficacy Of Cognitive Rehabilitation in Individuals with Acquired Brain Injury”
  • Marissa Lee Stein: “Prospective Memory and Judgments of Learning: Examining the Effects of Traumatic and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”




  • Sarah Isaac “The temporal trajectories of drinking behavior in college students.”
  • Allison Cazelet “Differences in empathy between college students who score low and high in schizotypy”
  • Sheridan Smith “Effectiveness of music therapy for individuals with dementia”




  • Eniana Agolli “Predictors of cognitive rehabilitation success on a simultaneous multiple attention task in people with schizophrenia”
  • Max Alderman “The impact of the age at surgery and type of surgical intervention on long-term neuropsychological outcomes in sagittal craniosynostosis”
  • Kristina Foster “Altered default mode network connectivity is correlated with impulsivity and binge drinking in college students”
  • Julianna Garbarino “A study of pro-social prospective memory in children”
  • Amelia Lewis “The effects of exercise on cognitive rehabilitation in people with schizophrenia”
  • Lara Novak “Brain and alcohol research in college students: collegiate academic performance in relation to alcohol consumption and cognitive ability”


  • Damien DeCuir “Effects of binge drinking patterns on cognitive functions in college students “
  • Kristen Homiski “ Impact of schizophrenia rehabilitation program on vocational outcomes “
  • Nicole Albino “ Measured outcomes of neurosurgeries during the Iraq war “
  • Shana Conroy “Differences in incidence and severity of cerebral vasospasm following microsurgical clipping and endovascular coiling of ruptured intracranial aneurysms”
  • Brooke Powell “Imaging and prospective memory: An analysis of current methods”
  • Lea Jancic “Antiplatelet effect of toradol and overall coagulation function in pediatric post-operative neurosurgical patients”
  • Jacqueline Parotta “Successful enceophaloduroateriosynangiosis for atherosclerotic cerbrovascular occlusive disease suggest an alternative to direct bypass techniques
  • Deniz Vatensever “Endoscopic third ventriculostomy in combination with choroid plexus cauterization”


  • Rachel Goodman “Working memory in schizophrenia: Performance and activation on a visual fMRI task
  • Lydia Turner “Cognitive functions in a homeless population”
  • Elizabeth Gromisch “Learning, memory and attention deficits in female college-age sexual assault survivors with posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Alyssa Rautenberg “Nightime sleep, daytime naps, and memory : Does sleep play an active role in memory consolidation ? “
  • Jacqueline O’Boyle “Default mode network in patients with high functioning autism spectrum disorders during resting state fMRI”
  • Kristen McNamara “Effects of exposure to nail salon chemicals on cognition of nail technicians”
  • Alexandra Rogers ‘Prospective memory and medication management ability in people with schizophrenia’


  • Jaqueline Maye “Medication adherence and prospective memory in schizophrenia”
  • Caroline Edwards “Memory functioning in survivors of intimate partner violence”
  • Andrew Castiglione “Efficacy of cognitive training in individuals with mild cognitive impairment”
  • Kara Douglas “The effects of aripiprazole, an antipsychotic medication, on subjective and physiological response to alcohol”
  • Alexandra Hoffman “Prospective memory and aging”
  • Bethany Ignatenko “Evaluating the needs and wants of potential participants in a proposed successful aging program”


  • Hanna Ghaleb “Prospective Memory and Aging”
  • Margaret Moult “Persistent effects of cognitive remediation of schizophrenia: One year follow-up”


  • Julia Martha “fMRI analysis of hippocampus in a human analog of the Morris water maze task”
  • Miriam Zichlin “Analysis of measures of prospective memory
  • Jessica Hansen “Pesticide exposure and neuropsychological performance in migrant farmworkers”


  • Jim Sethna “Is the judgment of time estimation effected by Parkinson’s disease?”
  • Ferrinne Spector “Cross-modal association in a non-synasthetic population”
  • Sheila Bouseh “Cortisol levels in post-traumatic stress disorder”
  • Kristina Depeau “fMRI of hippocampul volume in individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder”
  • Virginia Payntor “Aging and memory”


  • Christina Blake “Behavioral therapy of anxiety disorders”
  • Elizabeth Woodhams “Efficacy of cognitive rehabilitation in schizophrenia”
  • Leanne Rheume “Psychiatric illness and indicators of injury severity in mild traumatic brain injury”


  • Laura Cecchi “Early life stress and maternal behavior”


  • Christopher Nicholas “The relationship between depression and neuropsychological functioning”
  • Aroop Sanakkayala “The relationship between alcohol use and mild traumatic brain injury”


  • Suzanne Fallon “Maltreatment in drug-exposed infants”
  • Meredith Tuttle “Coping Style in adolescents with chronic pain”
  • Rebecca Pearce “An examination of age, prospective memory, and memory errors: How are the elderly forgetting to remember future intentions”


  • Christina Glennon “Outcome of patients with neonatal seizures: A seven year study”
  • Christie Blake “The role of parental contact, temperament, and psychopathology in the clinical diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder”


  • Keith Alfano “Subjective Complaints in the Acute Care Setting”
  • Chris Bonny “Targeting the cognitive deficits found in depression”
  • Kaja LeWinn “Domestic Violence: The effects of physical and mental abuse on cognitive functions”


  • Nora Murphy “Cognitive Abilities in Individuals with Eating Disorders”
  • Christina Palmese “Retraining of Attention in Individuals with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”


  • Sara Levy “Meditation, Music and the Manipulation of the Nervous System”
  • Brian Harel “The Effects of Smoking on Memory”
  • Tamara Nicol “Retraining Executive Functions Using Verbal Mediation”


  • Marsha Byrne “Aging Cognitive Functions: Against the Generalized Slowing Hypothesis”
  • Michelle Stone “Anoxic Brain Damage and Traumatic Brain Injury: An Investigation of Prospective Memory”
  • Johanna Ward “Effect of Having a Craniofacial Malformation on Adolescents Perceptions Of their Friendships”