The Thomas Church Brownell Prize for Teaching Excellence

Calling on Trinity alumni to honor the professors who made an impact on their lives

Bishop Brownell

Did you have a professor who impacted your life? If so, here’s your chance to pay tribute to that faculty member. The Thomas Church Brownell Prize for Teaching Excellence, which recognizes consistently outstanding teaching by a senior faculty member, is awarded annually. All alumni are invited to submit nominations explaining in 200 to 300 words why they believe a favorite professor deserves this prestigious award. Nominations for the Brownell Prize—made possible by a gift from the late Paul H. Briger ’61, P’87—should be submitted here .  The nomination deadline is Friday, March 4, 2022.

Associate professors, full professors, senior lecturers, and principal lecturers who have been at the college for at least three years, will not retire prior to June 30, 2022, and have not previously received the Brownell Prize are eligible. A complete list of eligible faculty appears  at

Questions? Please contact Sylvia DeMore, special assistant to the dean of the faculty, at