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According to the Hartford Choice Parent Brochure, the mission of Hartford choice is to offer “parents an opportunity to choose and apply to a variety of theme-based neighborhood Hartford schools for their children.” The purpose of this process is to improve Hartford schools and student achievement.  In addition, “The Hartford Choice plan will provide options for families based on student needs, higher education, and career interests.”

Hartford Public Schools operate on an application process, even when a family remains within the Hartford District. This means that Hartford students are not automatically assigned to their “neighborhood school.” This intra-district approach works with all Hartford Public Schools, excluding Magnet and Charter Schools. Students starting at the Pre-K or Kindergarten level or entering Middle School or High School must undergo the choice application process. Students in this position select four schools and are guaranteed one of their four choices; this system is often referred to as a “lottery.” Hartford Public schools produced a parent Choice Brochure2 and conduct parent fairs in attempt to make this process easier and help parents choose the right school.

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